Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


Oh! You think you smoke?
That’s such a funny joke.
You actually burn
Into a chimney you turn.

You may so pretend
Cigarette is so cool.
Yeah, with fire at one end
At the other end a fool.

Hot you say is smoking
You must be joking.
When the cough gets choking
You’ll sound like croaking.

So you think they’re thrillers?
No, they’re a bunch of killers.
Who travel in a pack
And take dead bodies back.

Jokes apart:
It goes far beyond your throat
Into every cell, far and remote
As the after-effects unfold
It begets ailments untold.
For cigarette was designed
To destroy the mankind.

Ilmana Fasih
9 January 2011
P.S.Written after an argument with my brother Subhi on his terrible smoking habit and seeing Ali’s dp of smoking. And the poem is directed at a lot of other friends and dear ones who’s names I cannot say here.They’ll know who I’m talking about. And to all those who I dont know if they smoke.

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