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Traditional Mexican clothing combines native and European elements. The fibers of choice among the Mexicans are cotton,bark and agave (which were known and used by native Mexican pre-Hispanic civilizations to make their clothes), as well as wool and silk (introduced by the Spanish later).

Typical women clothing includes a multicolored frilled skirt, a “huipil” (a kind of sleeve-less tunic), a “quechquémitl” (a closed shoulder cape) and a “rebozo” (a kind of shawl).
Mexican clothing for men is mostly “European-like”, which means that both the trousers and the shirt are European garments, and possibly the only native addition to the men’s wardrobe is a large blanket cape, called “Sarape”. Men often wear Mexican boots too.
During the Carnival, the Mexican clothing of choice is the “Charro” suit, popularized by the famous musical ensembles known as the Maroachi. Originally the word “Mariachi” was used to refer to a dance performed by a group of dancers on a wooden platform. Nowadays, however, Mariachi refers to a certain music style, and also to the band that plays that music

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