Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

This is in light of the unfortunate reaction of rejoicing of Salman Taseer’s brutal assasination that I saw on FB walls of ‘virtual’ friends and in the sitting rooms of few ‘real’ friends:
As Today I see:
Hatred feels as love goes numb
Lies speak as truth goes dumb
Desperation sees as hopes go blind
Apathy emerges as empathy goes behind
Extravagance flourishes as simplicity stunts
Modesty is killed as vulgarity hunts
Greed gets acceptable as charity resists
Prosperity evaporates as poverty exists.
Awareness drowns as ignorance sails
Reasoning whithers as gun prevails
Extremism wins as tolerance gets defeated
Peace goes extinct as suicide bombs get repeated
So for Tomorrow I fear:
Devils shall take over as humans vanish
Cruelty will emerge as kindness they’ll banish
Angels will stay quiet as satan will yell
Heavens will weep as Earth turns a Hell.
A cult will emerge as ‘real faith ’ will die
Intellectual wings will be clipped as idiots will fly
Darkness they’ll love as awakening they’ll hate
Sanity will mourn as madness will be our fate.
Autocracy will stand as democracy shall derail
Barbarians will succeed as humanity will fail
Tolerance they’ll hate and bigotry they’ll cherish
Ruins shall remain as civilization will perish.

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