Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


Remembering the brutal killing of Salman Taseer who may not have been one of my favourites but who had a right to live no matter what his opinions and beliefs:

I mourn not the killing of a man
So colourful and extravagant.
I mourn not the slaying of a Governor
So arrogant and controversial.

I mourn the silencing of a voice
So straight and blunt.
I mourn the strangulating of a brain
So brilliant and intellectual.
I mourn the murder of a knight
So valiant and confronting.
I mourn the passing of a champion
So obstinate and audacious.
I mourn the death of a citizen
So bold and patriotic.

More than that…
I mourn the birth of a cult
So vulgar and catchy.
I mourn the birth of a logic
So illogical and frustrating.
I mourn the birth of an ideology
So intolerant and dangerous.
I mourn the birth of a philosophy
So loathsome and self destructive.

But most of all…
I mourn the arrival of a’ faith’
So bigoted and hateful.
I mourn the demise of ISLAM
So peaceful and tolerant.

And last of all…
I mourn the disappearance of MY FREEDOM
So precious and priceless.

Ilmana Fasih
5 January 2010

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