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Shisha facts

Shisha is the Indian word for mirror.

Shisha work is an embroidery incorporating mirror into it and is a popular type of handicraft commonly found in the dry arrid regions of the India- Pakistan subcontinent–in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Sindh, Bahawalpur and Baluchistan.

How amazing is the observation that the more arrid and harsh the climatic conditions, the brighter are the women’s clothes and embroidery.

Shisha glass is available in a variety of shapes including round (the most common type), square and triangular. Sizes vary from large to tiny.

There are no holes in the mirror glass so it has to be held in place with a framework of stitches over which decorative stitches are worked.

There are several types of shisha available:

Handblown glass shisha is also known as antique shisha or mica. As it is hand cut, the sizes are more variable and the shape can be slightly irregular.
Machine-cut glass is known in India as embroidery glass.
Sequin shisha are in fact large flat sequins. They are thin and flat and have a hole at one side, but this is covered with the stitching.
You can buy embroidered shisha rings in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Place the ring over your chosen shisha (they work well with sequin shisha) and slipstitch in place around the edge of the ring.

The decorative ring around the mirror glass can be worked in various stitches, including shisha stitch, herringbone or cretan stitch.

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