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Life is a weird roller coaster of emotions for us human. Not sure if it is for the our tiny companions we call insects.

Once upon a time, I used to paint for fun just because I loved vibrant dyes, I loved brush strokes, I loved silk and I loved how when the dyes marry the sheen of soft silk fiber, and magically transform a white serene silk fabric into gorgeously dazzling piece of cloth with vivid colors and that there were endless ways one could play with various techniques to get stunning results.

Though I first began painting while in school, and then restarted almost 25 years ago with French Dupont dyes, I have been consistently inconsistent, with indulging in silk painting in paroxysms and then going into a long slumber periodically.
Last I painted was a couple of years ago, or maybe more. But had always been planning to do it with more consistency and devotion.

And look, at the irony, whose mother I am? Of Fatima Fasih, who people say has some superhuman stamina and passion for watercolors. She has been painting very consistently, diligently and with the same passion every single day, despite her education, marriage, job and now baby coming in the way. After Fasih’s demise, she has been constantly pushing me to, “Get back to painting Ammi. It will help you. It will be therapeutic.”
And I always whined back, “I don’t have time. There are too many responsibilities on my head.”

However, truth is that if you have passion, there is no need to have extra time. The time stretches itself mysteriously to accommodate one’s passion. Literally mothering me, Fatima made a plan. She said,

So I began yesterday night, to just give myself a try. The first honeybees, I was not sure of them. So then went on to make lady birds and dragon flies. Being men’s ties, and not some ‘wimmens’ dupattas or scarves, even Ismail Fasih, my son, was intrigued and kept popping into my room to check what’s Ammi doing with the ties?

In fact he was the one who gave me the idea to make honeybees, ladybirds and dragon flies. He now likes each of them and refuses to share which one he likes the most. “They are all nice Ammi. Why do you want me to compare.”

And so I begin painting, with both my beautiful children on my back. It is still work in progress and immensely therapeutic too. I hope this time I don’t relapse. Lastly, as I painted, I really missed Syed Fasihuddin, who would always come in and out of the room, whenever I painted, expectantly looking, without saying, “When will this finish?”
He was not there, so I went on painting unchecked for 7 hours, with no break.

Here is the series, “Life goes on….” be it a loss, or pandemic, these tiny creatures went on their life as usual.

Comments on: "The Life Goes On…. Silkpainting Neck-ties" (2)

  1. therapeutic indeed.
    My Mum took to painting after Dad passed away and produced some gems. Enough for each sibling to get one to treasure.
    on canvas, on pottery. it was very good for her creative spirit.
    love your shares. 😚👌

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