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Why are people protesting all over US?

Here is a story:
Reporter: What do you want?
Black youth: We want justice.
Reporter: What does justice look like to you?
Black youth: We want equality.
Reporter: What do you mean equality?
Black youth: If I walk with my white friend, I will be stopped for question, but not my white friend. This must change. And if to get that, we need to see this place up in flames, its okay. All we want is equality and justice.

African Americans have been subjected to intergenerational trauma from discrimination, racism and violence over centuries.
Black young men continue to be brutally killed for little or no reason by white police officers, and the officers have been getting away with it. They are disproportionately represented in US criminal justice system for their skin color.
Black mothers dread when their boys step out alone and pray they return back alive.
Do you not know why?

If you are criticizing the violence in US cities as unjust while remaining silent on the brutal murder of #GeorgeFloyd, you are only voicing your antiblack racist prejudices, no matter which white, yellow or brown skin you may be.
If this angry outburst and property damage has no justification, there is even disproportionately bigger INJUSTICE in brutally killing an unarmed man with excessive use of one’s power as a white police officer.
Is that a rocket science? Or do you have little or no grey matter to get that?

#AntiBlackRacism#PoliceBrutality#GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #EricGarner
If you are still not convinced why are these people protesting, you need to watch this: Trevor Noah:


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