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Bois Locker Room

Where did the little boys learn from?

Trending fire against #boyslockerroom has been blazing on Instagram and Twitter since 2 days, shocking many on how boys as young as 16-18 years were sharing pictures of underage girls and dissecting their anatomy in a group.
I am no underage girl, and I am not surprised at 55 yrs of age. Is this not what we have all known since our childhood that #BoysWillBeBoys– reinforced not just by our fathers, uncles, brothers, male friends but by even mothers, grandmothers and aunts? So what is there to be shocked about?
Have we not seen lewd images of private anatomy drawn or etched on public or train washroom walls, or tree trunks in playgrounds with names of the artists bravely signed at the bottom?
If you have studied in a co-ed school from junior, middle to senior grades you know how boys of your grade have been noticing and talking among themselves about your emerging signs of puberty and exactly when started to wear a bra. Some even could guess by your walk in school.uniform if you were having periods.
Yes we girls knew it too that we were being discussed..It was so normalized that we were told by our parents that the onus was entirely on us to ensure our own safety because “boys will be boys”.
Did you not hear an uncle joking openly in a party of how his young secretary has better measurements than your auntie? Or something similar? Or how he ordered a tall blonde from Starbucks with a twinkle in his eyes. This is exactly where the little boys got the clue to objectify and make sexual jokes on little girls.
If at all anything that has changed now is that this shit called ‘boys will be boys’ has gone digital and could be captured with screenshots as a proof. Rest it has been the same conversation over generations.
And thanks to #MeToo movement, there has been a significant disruption in the normalization of such patriarchal norms.
Victimblaming, gaslighting or retaliatory responses with #girlslockerroom screenshots are an age old tactics to divert the conversation. There are no binaries to “boys will be boys”. Kudos to young girls mustering courage to stand up. Yes it’s time now for “girls to be Empowered GIRLS, so that boys won’t be boys. No more.
#girlempowerment #patriarchy #misogyny#boyswillbeboys #nomore.

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  1. And that’s how it passes from generation to generation…

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