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Amrita Pritam turns 100 yrs old on August 31, 2019.
She lives in her poetry and in her two love stories- Sahir Ludhianvi & Imroz.

These was the last words in the form of a couplet (shair) Sahir said to her as they parted:

Tum chali jaaogi, parchhaiyaan rah jaayengi,
Kuchh na kuchh Ishq ki raanaaiyaan rah jaayengi.
When you leave, your lovely silhouettes shall remain,
Memories and traces of love will refresh me time and again.

Amrita wrote an ode to her love for Imroz as her last parting poetry:

“Mayn tennu pher milangi….” Link to my blog on this poetry is here

Imroz, who’s love for Amrita Pritam remains unmatched, is alive at 91 years and still refers to her in present tense. After her passing away he started to write poetry and called his book: “Jashn Jaari Hai (The Celebration is on).

One of the verses he wrote for Amrita are:

Main jab khamosh hota hun
Aur khayal bhi khamosh hote hain
To ek halki halki sargoshi hoti hai
Uske ehsaas ki
Uske shayron ki…Whenever I am quiet,
And so are my thoughts silent,
Then happens very faint whisper(babble)
Of her being
Of her poetry

However my favourite of Amrita Pritam remains her power poetry “Aaj Akhan Waris Shah Nu” which deserves its own blog and will share one in days to come.


This was Google’s tribute to Amrita Pritam:Amrita

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  1. I still, vividly, remember the day when I entered the local Municipal Library with a friend. (Just after my ‎matriculation examination in 1977). My friend, for some reason, stepped into the librarian’s room to ‎inquire about a book. ‎
    I accompanied him too. In the room, I saw a long poem written in Punjabi written on a thick paper and ‎hanging like a calendar. I started to stare at and mumble and found it extremely thought-provoking. I ‎asked the librarian for a pen and paper to write THAT down. He handed the pen over to me but, smiling, ‎told me that this poem is not for me because it is too deep to understand for a boy of my age. ‎
    I looked at him but kept writing diligently. ‎
    After returning home, the first thing I did was to memorize it and when my father came home, I discussed ‎that very poem with him. I expressed what I understood, and he explained few ideas in detail, and, also ‎told me the name of the book.‎
    The poem was; ‎‏” آج آکھاں وارث شاہ نوں ” ‏‎.‎
    The very evening, I bought the “Raseedi Ticket” and fell in love with the poetry and, still, I am.
    . ‎
    Thanks for refreshing all the memories of the past and about a great poetess of our era. ‎

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