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Zozo & Hockey Dream

Meet Zozo.



Zozo was born in Toronto, Canada.
His grandparents immigrated to Canada from Guyana.
He is a little boy but a BIG fan of ice #hockey.
He dreams to grow up to be a @Torontomapleleafs player.
His Dad, who also grew up in Canada had even bought an ice hockey stick and hung on the wall over his crib, so that he gets to be familiar with ice-hockey from an early age.
Dad had himself loved to be a hockey player as a kid, but could not afford the expensive gear as his parents struggled with jobs as new immigrants.
Zozo, however, began playing ice hockey as a little boy.

Please wish our Zozo good luck in his dreams to become an icehockey player and plays for Toronto Maple Leafs one day ! 

#torontomapleleafs  #icehockey #canada #amigurumi #doll

Story 1: Doll Bride ( Meri Guriya Ki Shaadi)


is a social enterprise that creates digital talking comics based on true stories and raises awareness on the triumphs and struggles of common individuals.
We will be bringing digital stories based on or adapted from true stories, highlighting an important social issue in each story.

Today’s story is:

“Doll Bride” (Meri Guriya Ki Shaadi).






Question: Do you think the it is alright to marry girls before they are 18?
Please share your response to the question asked in the comments or on the YouTube page if you have subscribed there.

Every year 12 million girls are married before the age of 18. Unfortunately, child marriage is a global problem. Its cuts across faiths, nationalities, ethnicities and regions.

1 in 5 children become child brides and there exist almost 650 million women today who were married before 18 years of age.
Child marriage is detrimental to not just psychological but physical health of the girls.



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