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Royal Ontario Museum celebrates 100 years in 2014. What could be a better occasion to celebrate it by the colors of South Asia with Second RUNG Festival at ROM brought by community partners Ethnic Marketing on May 31 and  June 1, 2014.

South Asians began arriving in Ontario from the subcontinent on May 5, 1838. Hence according to South Asian Heritage Act 2001, May has been declared as the South Asian Heritage month and May 5 as the South Asian Arrival Day each year.

South Asia is a kaleidoscope of colorful cultures, multiple ethnicities and faiths with a strong 1.6 billion population spread across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

After having been successful as the most attended and most colorful festivals in Toronto, this year RUNG is being held for two days.

The festival brings a series performing and visual arts from all across the stretch of South Asia.

Lined are enchanting dance performances-Rouf Dance from Kashmir to Bhangra or Kathak from North India to Bharatha Natyam, Mohini Attam and Kathakali from South India and Sri Lanka.

There shall be transcendent vocals from singers from classical  gharanas singing Amir Khusrau in Persian, Shabads in Punjabi, and Nazrul Islam from Bengal and much more.

The sounds of  classical instruments like Tabla, Dhols, Chandamellam, Sitar await to thrill the audience.

For the connoisseurs of arts and handicrafts, there shall be display of arts and crafts from each South Asian Countries.

There shall be interactive spots like block printing and calligraphy for old and young.

The wedding mandap with bridal ensemble,  intricate jewelry and turban tying shall give a taste of elaborate South Asian wedding.

Rung also brings wonderful short films and documentaries from the South Asia.

Kindly keep a close watch at this space,as we bring more blog posts  and gradually unfold the wonderful performances and displays lined up  at RUNG for  May 31 and June 1.


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