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While the rest of the world, including me shuddered at the premature demise of democracy in Egypt, my Egyptian colleague sitting next to me in the office was bouncing in her chair. Opened in front of her was her Face book page and Twitter account, receiving and sending congratulatory messages.
I walk into her cabin and before I could ask she rejoiced:
“We have got our country back.”

Me: “But isn’t this a demise of democracy, and army is back?”
Her: “Why? You think Morsi was ruling? Is elections democracy? He was running the Islamist, Salafi agenda?”
Me: “Yes, but in democracy, he would be routed out next elections. Democracy is a painfully slow process, we know.”
Her: “No this is not democracy. Do you know how he had won the elections? He had got the petro-dollars to the poor in rural Egypt , and taken their ID cards numbers for the vote.”
Me: “Yes I can totally relate to that, but still, democracy takes time to work.”

She hardly even listened to my democracy rant, and continued….
Her: “He was not working for Egypt, and was carrying an outside agenda. He even disowned our history. The Muslim Brotherhood had declared Pyramids and Pharoahs, our history and heritage as Haram. Do you know, they even reduced the age of marriage for girls to below 18?”
Me: “I know, but I will still think that a military coup is not a good idea.Democracy may have it’s ills but world still has to discover a better form of rule”
Her: “My dear, this is not a coup. This is people’s will, peoples power. This is a revolution.”
There was an unshakable belief in her tone.
Me: Hmmm…

I still disagreed. But she was hardly paying any attention to my views, and was drunk in her own ecstasy.
Her: “Okay, if you have Talebans elected in Pakistan sometime, the same way, through an external power, will you accept them as democracy? “

She knew she had cornered me, and that I would not agree to that at any cost.

She continued: “See this, I will show you my Hijabi friends in Tahreer Square, sending me congratulatory notes, that “We have won our country back.:”

And she actually showed me her friend’s profiles, who were so.

“It was an external agenda that Morsi was working for, not Egyptian. We have conservative Egyptians, but they don’t support the extremists. Do you know they were giving a quite support to the killings of Shias in Egypt in the past one year?”

I fired her the last question that was knocking in my head: “Do you think with the departure of Morsi, the Brotherhood agenda will go? Will they not organize themselves for revenge, and get violent now?”

For the first time in this discourse my friend gave a pause, and was thinking..

“NOOO,” she said firmly with …”yes they are there, but…. You know they are a tiny minority………. And now they are much less popular.”

There was a long explanation from her, but without much substantial argument and even lacked conviction now.

Going through Twitter there were myriad of interesting pictures depicting the glorious revolution making rounds.
Picture #1 attached Military heart.

Military Heart.

There was a deluge of tweets with hashtag #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup

This tweep was sure it wasn’t a coup, even when she didn’t know how to spell it correctly;
Sara Ameer ‏@EngSarAm 15m
Message from #Egypt to the whole world, this is not a Military Queue #Morsi #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCo

Military Queue

Hany Sadekk @HanySadekk 6h
“@NevineZaki: Another very interesting perspective on why this is not a coup.” #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCo

Coup de'tat.

And those who knew it all…

sweetsammora ‏@sweetsammora 3h
For those who say it’s a Military Coup, I dare you to say that to 33 millions! #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup

Those asking the rest of the world to mind their business:

Mido ‏@midoahm 7h
#EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup This is our Msg to the World!! Dont get involved! !

@Esraa2008 6h
#EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup @BarackObama U r worry now about Egypt, but you weren’t worry when the head power of Egypt was terrorism

And the cartoon:

Obama: I am worried about the situation in Egypt.
Egypt: Fear not, sweet heart.

Egyptian Gothika \m/ ‏@Raven_Angelika 17h
“There is nothing new in Egypt, Egyptians are making history as usual..” #Egypt #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup

And at the same time we heard in News of Journalists being arrested and TV channels including Al Jazeera being shut down in Egypt, I really wondered and tweeted on the same hashtag:

Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA 13h
When TV stations are shut down, is it a revolution or a coup? #EgyptianRevolutionNotMilitaryCoup

We had the most horrified and concerned tweets coming from Pakistan, on the demise of democracy in Egypt.

Umar Cheema ‏@UmarCheema1 3h
Military takeover has nowhere been able to fix democracy. Problems have been fixed with more and more democracy. #Egypt

Raza Rumi ‏@Razarumi 7h
Deja vu RT @vali_nasr: #Egypt generals say their soft coup is meant to restore democracy. That is what both Zia and Musharraf said in #Pak

Amidst the euphoria on twitter, I tweeted my worst fear:

Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA 17h
Morsi may be gone but Muslim Brotherhood is still there. Will it not get stronger now in #Egypt? #MyFear

Instant comes a reply from an Indian friend:
Reena Satin ‏@ReenaSatin 7h
@ZEEMANA Yes, people should have let them complete their tenure, and reveal their true identity.

Honestly do we blame Egyptians for their euphoria? How many times have we in the past rejoiced at military take over?

As aptly commented by a Pakistani friend Kamran Rehmat on Facebook:

“I’m not at all surprised your Egyptian friend has the views she has. What would Egypt know of democracy, whom democracy does not know!”

And then the same friend remarks:

“Looking at Egypt today, I feel like a million dollars being a Pakistani, warts and all. The fauj cannot dream of doing this in Pakistan anymore.”

Ilmana Fasih
4 July 2013

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