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Dear Pakistanis,

Please know that Pope visited Lebanon at the height of the tension, last week, and Hezbollah leaders attended his sermon, refrained from protesting the AntiIslam film until he left, and called for religious tolerance.

Biggest-ever rally over the anti-Islamic film brought scores to Beirut, Lebanon, with 100,000 men, women and families taking part in a peaceful rally on September 18, 2012.

This was followed by big rallies by Muslims in Lebanon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
On Friday, tens of thousands of supporters of the Shiite Hezbollah movement held a raucous protest in the eastern Lebanese city of Baalbek. Soon after, a few thousand supporters of a hardline Sunni cleric held gathered in the capital, Beirut.
Shias, Sunnis, came together, in harmony, with genuine remorse against the mockery of Prophet Muhammed ( pbuh).
But note no one was injured, no one was killed and no property harmed in any of these protests.

If it is unbelievable, see this >>


And then there were peaceful rallies in Sao Paolo, Sydney, Paris, London, Allepo, Tunisia, Jakarta( in the  most populous Muslim country), Colombo with no one  harmed.

While protesting in Pakistan, on Friday, our Christians brothers came out with us, in solidarity to support us, and empathize with us, and we burnt a church down to ashes–the Anglican Church in Mardan and a School adjacent to it. We set on fire Church and School looting everything like computers and chairs whatever were in School. We the Muslims, the lovers of Prophet( pbuh), desecrated Holy Bibles and articles used in Holy ceremony and brought them in compound of Church and set them on fire.

And when we protested on Friday itself, we killed 19  innocent men and policemen who were there to protect us, injured 500, looted  several of our own businesses, torched scores of our own vehicles and  destroyed some of our own public offices.

You think I am exaggerating, see this:

BTW, this was shown on RT, Russia Today, broadcast from Moscow & Washington DC offices.

Feel the difference between the two videos, and the two behaviors.

Also may I add, some 7000 adults who burnt Holy Books lying in this church, shall go free, unaccounted for, while a minor girl, learning disabled languished in jail for weeks, for not having burnt even a corner of a page of yet another Holy Book.

Are we pained by the pinch of  this  hypocrisy? Do we even  feel it ?

MORAL OF THE STORY: Are we really the only and  true lovers of the Prophet Mohammed ( pbuh), who upheld justice and equality? Are we really Muslims? Are we even humans? 

Keep thinking….

Comments on: "Do we really love Prophet Mohammed ( pbuh)." (3)

  1. Hate is part of human expression and you cannot rid the world of it completely, only way to counter is to ignore and restraint. Search for anti-Christ, anti-semantic and anti Hindu videos and literature, you will find them in plenty and many of them been posted by Muslim individuals and organisations. But how many times do we see similar reactions, in a manner Muslims are reacting, from other communities.

    Even in the time of Jesus and Prophet, there were many who disliked them and what they preached. If they were unable to remove hatred directed against them and what they preached, do you really think it can be removed now? Many instances, where Hindu Deities have been printed on Toilet seats in West, Muslim belief of Jesus was not the son of God but a human, is also deeply offensive to many orthodox Christians. Zakir Naik’s speeches and his warped interpretation of other religions to justify Islam’s supremacy are as offensive to many others. Till recently, depiction of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistani textbooks was equally offensive. And you can go on and on citing such examples. My point is, hate and offensive literature has been there and would continue to be there, you cannot regulate it, only thing you can regulate is, is your reaction to such provocations.

    Thanks to such violent reaction, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula producer of the film will be a celebrity and in time to come we will see him studio hopping, who otherwise would have remained incognito, had Muslims ignored it. But this reaction has prompted Charlie Hebdo to earn some publicity for itself as well, by provoking Muslims further by publishing offensive cartoons. Who is to be blamed for it? Muslims are incentivising acts of such characters by their reactions to such provocations.

    • Daryl, I am in absolute agreement with you. This post is to show to those with ‘limited’ vision, that there are others who were offended, but did not go berserk in their love for their faith.
      Only if they had the ‘sight’ to see the difference. Sigh !

  2. I understand the pain of liberal people around the globe. The savages of any and every religion malign not only their religion, but also the masses, who feel disgusted, but are cowed down by the violent antics of such people. Firearms in the hands of violent mobs, make it difficult for others to oppose them. Governments too are wary of excessive death toll, so security agencies in such cases have to keep restraint.

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