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Before you begin to read the Health Blog Osteoporosis-The silent thief I would request you to take this Pre-Test to assess your awareness on OSTEOPOROSIS.

1. Osteoporosis is a condition:
A. It is a disease of painful joints
B. It is a cancer of bones
C. It is thinning of bones
D. It is an inborn disease.

2. Osteoporosis occurs in
A. Children
B. In old people only
C. In women only
D. In both men and women.

3. Osteoporosis is:
A. Not serious enough to worry about.
B. It has no cure.
C. It is a disease with serious complications
D. Cannot be avoided.

4. Osteoporosis:
A. Is a rare disease
B. It occurs mostly in whites
C. It occurs in cold countries
D. South Asian ethnicity is a high risk for Osteoporosis.

5. The risk factors for Osteoporosis are all except:
A. Smoking
B. Menopause
C. Exercise
D. Medications like Steroids

After having taken this exercise check the answers from the comment box below to see if your information on Osteoporosis was correct.

Before we begin, it is important to know that Osteoporosis is absolutely unrelated to Osteoarthritis.

Osteoporosis is the thinning of the bones ( not joints), and hence may not be painful, but a lot more serious as it makes the bones vulnerable to fractures even with the slightest of movement like bending or even coughing. Hence reducing the quality of life considerably.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints that occurs as a person ages and causes deformity and pain in the joints.

The blog on May 1 shall be dedicated to OsteoArthritis, another important health problem in South Asians.

Now for information on Osteoporosis~ a silent thief read this >>

Comments on: "Osteoporosis~ the silent thief Pre-Test" (2)

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  2. Answers to the Quiz above:
    1. C
    2. D
    3. C
    4. D

    5 correct: Excellent ;
    4 correct: Good;
    3 and below correct; You need to know about Osteoporosis.

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