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A Birthday Party

She walked in
With a glow,
On her cheeks madeup.
And a sparkle,
In her kohl lined eyes.
She glowed and sparkled,
Far more than ever.

We could read,
Behind that glow,
Were pale cheeks.
Beside the sparkle,
Were wet, sunken eyes.
Beneath the smile,
Was a broken heart.
Beyond the party attire,
Was a shattered morale.

We cheered louder,
We grinned wider,
We sang ‘A Happy Birthday to you’
As a three dozen candles, she blew.
We hugged her tighter,
To make her world seem brighter.

Alas, overwhelmed with cheers,
she could not hold back her tears,
And cried and cried , mumbling ‘Thank you’.
We felt her agony and cried too.
She talked and talked,
Through her past she walked.
All her grief she shared,
For she said, that we cared.

As the party was over, she left with smiles
With dreary cheeks and Kohl smudged eyes,
But a calmer heart and a stronger will
Though for her, the party, wasn’t over still.

P.S. This was a birthday party arranged for a friend who has recently gone through a traumatic divorce. I know some of the readers might think or even say about the poem , ” it went off me”.  But ask some one, who feels shattered, what a small  gesture of  ‘you matter’ can mean to them. 

Comments on: "A Birthday Party" (1)

  1. jbuchleitner said:

    I LOVE it and that is so true! ” But ask some one, who feels shattered, what a small gesture of ’you matter’ can mean to them.”
    I like that expression alot!

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