Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

With a chulha, a few pots and her life….She is me.
She is deprived of basic dignity of life, I am of empathy,
She is suffering from abject poverty, I am from apathy,
She is half drowned in water, I am soaked in luxuries,
If she passes away with disease, I should die in shame.
She is what she is, because I am what I am.

Comments on: "She is me ( PakFloods a repeat 2011)" (1)

  1. ilmanafasih I can feel your pain in your words. I know your country is suffering with a depth of poverty that is unacceptable and painful to witness. I am afraid that here in America, with the current political mindset the level of poverty is only going to increase. Already it is at an all time high. And the amount of children living in poverty in this so-called rich country is appalling.

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