Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

A beautiful poetry written by a virtual friend Susan Marie. And I bear witness how she wrote this in a few seconds with a supersonic speed.
I paste it from her blog:
River *for Ilmana*


selfless, unending
you give life

your heart
washes hands of maidens
princes and kings

priceless lines of life
rebirthed, clean, pure


i have no name for you
you need no title
no right in this existence to be
as i do
unworthy of your

i take solemn refuge
by your face
damsel flies dance
upon the surface of your skin

my river
unconditional grace
i am not worthy
of a solitary drink
i bring to parched lips

yet you pay no heed

you are silent in speech
yet your cries
fill my spirit with agony

how do you remain in motion
and at peace?

© Susan Marie 2011 For Ilmana Fasih

Posted by Susan Marie at 5:20 PM


Comments on: "River~ Apoem by Susan Marie" (1)

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww YOU inspired it! Thats how that happens, like labor pains, poems are the same. This one didnt hurt though *smile* Thank you Ilmana.

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