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As if the fourth Dalai Lama’s great Spiritual and Political leadership wasn’t enough, that now Tibet is being bestowed with another bright brain as its new Prime Minister–the political head, though the Spiritual head’s place stays with Dalai Lama.

The new man was elected through a process of voting from Tibetans all around the world. Dr Lobsang Sangay won with 55% of the votes cast by Tibetans around the world in his favour.Almost 83,400 Tibetan exiles were eligible to vote and more than 49,000 ballots were cast.

The new man is not only a handsome young man of 42 , but a brilliant Harvard University Law academic –that too a Fulbright scholar and Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School .

Born a refugee in a Tibetan settlement in Darjeeling in 1968 and having grown up and educated mostly in Delhi, he has never seen Tibet.

And then like the Dalai Lama he too pledges and holds strong faith in continuing the struggle .’peacefully’ to gain independence for his Homeland Tibet. He remarks:
“If you look at successful non-violent freedom movements led by Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, dialogue with their adversaries has been one of the key factors in making their movements successful. So, yes, we should keep talking to the Chinese government as we can only resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue and mutual understanding. So far Beijing has maintained their hard line policy and has failed to recognize the moderate and reasonable gestures by His Holiness on his desire to seek ‘genuine autonomy’ for Tibet.”

Just a few weeks ago when Dalai Lama had decided to step down, people all over the world, including me, had been skeptical if they would be able to find an equally forceful and yet peaceful man to pursue the struggle. Apparently their doubts have been laid to rest. Now the time will unfold his abilities as the new ‘Kalon Tripa’ or Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.

There are three reasons I wrote this blog

First, I am an ardent fan of Dalai Lama and his peaceful policies and his understanding of Religion, God, Love and Compassion. And as a true and sincere leader he decided it was time to step down, despite cries not to. Not only this, he ensured that the new leader was chosen through the democratic process giving up the age old traditions of being chosen by the Priests. Kudos Your Highness !

Secondly, it will be a big cause of concern for the Chinese–now they have another brilliant young mind to deal with–not just an old fashioned religious leader. What political wrestling and bargaining will go on, it will merit a close watch–especially us,( Pakistanis) being best friends of China.

And Lastly but certainly not the least–my heart pains that when a small nation of 145,150 with all it’s citizens scattered in exile–can have the best brains as their Political and Spiritual leaders WHY THE HELL cant we find some brilliant brains within Pakistan ( we are not even under occupation, nor in exile) from among the 180 million to lead our Politics as well as our Religion?

Don’t we have young, competent, sane minded, honest, peace loving, open and secular minded people amongst ourselves to be our Political or Religious Leaders ?

Why does it still remain a far fetched dream in Pakistan after 65 years of independence when Tibetan have made this a reality through their democratic process even in Exile? Why ?

It makes me cry high and loud with deep sorrow, misfortune and anger.

Does it make you weep too??


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