Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


You were a little angel, so soft and pure
Always so thoughtful, and so very demure.
You have no idea, how much comfort it still brings
To reminisce the touch, on my face, of your tiny wings.
You were so caring and kind, to whoever you knew
And got more genteel, the older you grew.
I knew from day one, you were my best friend
For you were a special gift that God, indeed, send.
You were unique, and so precious like a pearl
So fresh and pure, more than just my LITTLE GIRL.

You gave me a reason to laugh everyday
By the pranks you played, in your unique way.
Banging doors, climbing on the table, jumping off the bed
All scolds fell on deaf ears, no matter what was said.
The hell of life turned into a heavenly bliss
When you came running, to blow you a kiss.
While crying out loud, for your bruised knee
You wrapped your arms, for a bear hug, around me.
And the tears of pain, turned into laughter and joy
So off you ran,yet for another prank, my LITTLE BOY.

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