Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


Words are soft, words are loud
Words express humility, words show proud
Words are refined, words get uncouth
Words sound different from different mouths.

Smile taunts, smile praises
Smile lets down, smile raises.
Smile with perfect teeth, smile with braces
Smile appears different on different faces.

Love is silly, love is smart
Love strengthens, love tears apart.
Love stays selfless, love is selfish from the start
Love feels different in different hearts.

Mind remembers, mind forgets
Mind takes pride, mind regrets
Mind thinks active, mind lays dead
Mind works different in different heads.

Life lives, life dies
Life laughs, life cries
Life gives up, life tries
Life looks different through different eyes.

Ilmana Fasih

18 December 2010

(Completing an old incomplete one).

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