Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

As the aroma of the gun powder still smells
As the echoes of the suicide bombs still reverberate
As the blood stains of target killings still stay red
As the dismembered bodies from the blasts still ooze blood.
As the pain from the daylight robberies still stays strong
As the frustrations from the cricket scandals still hurt
As the drenching sweat from the loadsheddings still stinks
As the earth from the summer floods in Pakistan still lays soaked
As the ashes from the Iceland volcano still stay suspended.
As the poor get poorer and the rich get richer
As men hunt for jobs but women stay back in fear
As the shops long for business and the factories stay closed
As the kids perish before age and the youth stay unclear.
With this baggage of rough memories
From you 2010 I part, with a heavy heart.
And I welcome you 2011, the NEW YEAR
With less of a hope and more of a fear
As to what will you unfold in the future near.
But I stand in prayers with the folded hands
That this test of hardships, my planet stands.
For the entire humanity, North South East or West
May the coming months, weeks just unveil the BEST.
Ilmana Fasih
31 Dec 2010

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